Hello my name is @nonymous99

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This DVD celebrates the 20th anniversary of the movie @nonymous99 made by Invader and Zevs in 1999. It includes 16 bonus movie clips and a 56-pages booklet.

·  DVD incl. 56-pages booklet
·  Postcard by Invader and Zevs
·  2019, sealed

About Invader

Invader defines himself as an UFA, an Unidentified Free Artist. He chose Invader as his pseudonym and he always appears behind a mask. He therefore can visit his own exhibitions without any visitors knowing who he really is. His large scale project named Space Invaders was introduced in 1998 and is about liberating Art from its usual alienators such as museums or institutions. Everything started with giving a material appearance to pixelization through ceramic titles. Each of these unique pieces become the fragment of a tentacular installation.

Solo Shows

Into the white cube, Over the Influence, Los Angeles

GAME ON! The Art of Invader, Taglialatella Galleries, New York
Invader : Masterpieces, Le Feuvre & Roze, Paris
Hello My Game Is, Musee en Herbe, Paris, France
Invader: Masterpieces, Le Feuvre & Roze, Paris, France
New Mosaics of Ravenna | Solo Exhibition of Invader, Over the Influence, Hong Kong

Wipe Out, Hong Kong Contemporary Art

Attack of the Space Waffles, Lazinc
1000, Le Feuvre & Roze, Paris, France

Low Fidelity, Lazinc