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Stefan Strumbel


Maria is an iconic work by german artist Stefan Strumbel from 2010.

·  Unique, mixed media on wood
·  120 x 100 x 9 cm (47,3 x 39,4 x 3,5 inch)
·  Signed on the back
·  2010

About Stefan Strumbel

Stefan Strumbel is a German artist, born in Offenburg. In his art he uses traditional motifs associated with his own homeland, the Rhine Valley. On an abstract level, Strumbel deals with the paradigms of "home" and at the same time questions the concept. He exaggerates cultural and cult objects such as cuckoo clocks, wooden masks from the Alemannic carnival or crucifixes with stylistic elements of Street Art and Pop Art and places them in a new, sometimes provocative context. Stefan Strumbel lives and works in Offenburg.