Enjoy Graffiti


Enjoy Graffiti is a six screen print on kraft paper by street art artist Ernest Zacharevic from 2014 with an edition of 15. This print is a rare printers proof version and it's signed by the artist.

·  One colour screen print on 280 gsm art kraft paper
·  75 x 54 cm (29,5 x 21,3 inch)
·  Signed by the artist
·  Printers proof from an edition of 15
·  2014, published by Graffiti Prints
·  Comes with an COA from Graffiti Prints

About Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic is a Lithuanian-born artist combining fine art techniques with a passion for creating art outdoors. Experimentation lies at the heart of Ernest's style, with the only constant being the dedication to his ever-changing concepts. With ideas leading the way, he removes the restriction of artistic boundaries, moving freely between the disciplines of oil painting, stencil and spray, installation and sculpture; producing dynamic compositions both inside and outside of the gallery space. Ernests primary interest is in the relationship between art and the urban landscape, with concepts often evolving as part of a spontaneous response to the immediate environment, the community and culture.

Selected Projects

2018 Nu Art, Aberdeen
2017 Green Candy, Just Kids Arkansas
2017 Ted Talk 'Art: The Vehicle for Informing a Wider Consciousness' Lithuania
2017 Splash and Burn, ongoing self initiated project
2017 Guardian Feature
2017 BBC Feature
2017 Mesa Contemporary Museum, Phoenix, group exhibition
2016 Dubai Streets, Dubai
2016 Magic City, Desden
2016 Vision Arts Festival Switzerland
2016 Nykoka Arts Festival Lithuania
2016 Long Beach Museum of Art, Verve and Vitality in the 3rd Dimension
2016 Design Boom Artist Feature

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