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Bruno is a 3 layer screen print by urban artist Gonzalo Borondo from 2019 with an edition of 56, signed and numbered by the artist.

"Bruno'' was born from some of the photo references and remaining ideas of the MERCI exhibition. In this Artwork, Borondo wanted to make a poetical reflexion about how we build our emotional relationship with nature. '' The natural wildness grows up, covers the psychic and physical limits and finally hides any identity to create something else from this connection. The Gate doesn't represent a restriction anymore but the possibility of something new arising''. In collaboration with 56fili, the artist experiments different printing techniques such as bleach on paper, analog photographs and silk-screen printing.

·  3 layer hand finished screen print
·  100 x 70 cm (39,4 x 27,5 inch)
·  220 gsm Sirio ultra black paper
·  Signed and numbered by the artist
·  Edition of 56
·  2019

About Gonzalo Borondo

Gonzalo Borondo is a Spanish street artist, born in Valladolid, Spain in 1989. As a teenager, he moved to Madrid where he later received his graduation form Complutense University. The street firstly became his preferred place of work but also triggered the realization that this form of artistic expression will only allow superficial conversations through art. He therefore created murals and urban installations which open a dialogue with his environment and the physical space.

Solo Shows

Merci, Bordeaux

Sacrilége, Marseille
Non Plus Ultra, Rome