From Collectors for Collectors



Art collecting is a process, a process with many ups and downs. Sometimes we encounter unbelievable works that need to be in our collection, sometimes we cannot find anything that excites us for months. But there are also situations in which we thought we had found a masterpiece, but after a few months we just don't like it anymore. In this case, selling or exchanging the work might not always be a bad option. 

As we collect art ourselves, we know the struggle. However, PRINTS AND PIECES gives all of us the opportunity to solve this problem. So, if you think one of your artworks would fit into our shop, we would be happy to buy it. Also, if you are interested in a work from our shop, we would also be glad to offer a trade-in.

How it works

Just send us some information about the artwork you want to sell or trade-in via the contact form. If we think your work fits into our shop, we are happy to make you an offer. Generally, it’s important to us to offer a fair price or to arrange a deal with which both parties are happy. If you are happy with what we worked out together, we will provide you with a sales contract. Afterwards, you only have to send the work safely to our office in Germany where we will have a last look at it. If everything is ok, we will send you the money via PayPal, safe and easy.

Since we are very keen to deliver the best quality possible, your artwork should be at least in very good condition without any creases or cracks. Obviously, the best would be mint. Also, if possible, it would be good if you are able to provide us with an official COA, invoice or similar to make sure that you are the rightful owner of the work.

Some Notes

We are especially interested in works from the field of street art, urban art or urban contemporary art. To name a few and give you a brief idea; works by Shepard Fairey, Vhils, Ben Frost, Kaws, Hush, Blek Le Rat, Super A, Swoon, Connor Harrington, D*Face, Faile, Invader, Michael Reeder, Paul Insect, Oli Epp, Slinkachu, JR, Maya Hayuk, Ben Eine, Dran, Pejac, Parra, Cleon Peterson, Stik or Takashi Murakami would fit perfectly with our current selection. Of course we are also open for new ideas.

That’s it. We are curious about your artworks. Do not hesitate to contact us.