PRINTS AND PIECES is an international art gallery specializing in limited lithographs, sculptures and editions from the fields of street art, urban art and contemporary art.

Our mission as a company is to make limited and rare works accessible to our clients. Thus, it is possible to purchase works of art from the areas of Street Art, Urban Art or Contemporary Art in our online shop. Specifically, we offer access to works by internationally recognized and extraordinarily successful artists such as Invader, Shepard Fairey, Daniel Arsham, Kaws, Blek Le Rat, Hush, Borondo or Ben Frost. Our name - PRINTS AND PIECES - defines our assortment: signed and numbered editions, lithographs or art prints on paper, sophisticated sculptures and much more.

Curated according to the concept of a museum, our inventory depicts the original concept of street art as art of the public space on the Internet and provides insight into a number of different art movements with influences from Expressionism, the Renaissance, architecture, Impressionism, Pop Art, as well as graffiti art. While artists like Vhils (Alexandre Farto) or Gonzalo Borondo use ancient techniques like bas-relief carving or ancient painting to express their ideas, artists like Kaws (Brian Donnelly) or Shepard Fairey use contemporary as well as pop art elements, which were first influenced by icons like Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein or Jasper Johns through the representation in photorealistic and mostly oversized images. Here, the elements of abstract art turn to the trivial and redefine the contemporary narrative of the concept of art. The creative design of the individual works, however, stands alongside the intensive distribution through limited editions, which, put together, permits an innovative Œuvre consisting of paintings, graphics, illustrations, etchings, sculptures, photographs or drawings.

Daniel Arsham also deserves special attention. As a multidisciplinary American artist who lives and works in New York, he combines various disciplines of creativity, such as architecture and performance art, with the visual arts themselves. He first demonstrated this publicly in 2006 when he was invited to create the stage and set design for the tour of international choreographer Merce Cunningham. This resulted in a long-standing collaboration with Jonah Boaker, a former dancer of the Cunningham Company. In this context, his total work is underlined by the implementation of design practices with regard to set design, lighting and costume design. It should be noted that Arsham's work deliberately follows the design concept explored by Cunningham with Robert Rauschenberg. Arsham continues to use both interior and exterior architecture as a creative platform to apply his virtuosity and mastery, as well as figuratively and sculpturally underpinning his work. In 2005, for example, he collaborated with fashion designer and photographer Hedi Slimane, who was then designer in chief for Dior Homme, in the design of the changing rooms and wardrobes at the Dior flagship store in Los Angeles. In his work today, all these influences culminate in an unprecedented and innovative cultural product consisting of artifacts, sculptures, and other works of art worth exhibiting. We offer works from the famous and strictly limited Future Relic series by artist Daniel Arsham. The original Future Relic project consists of nine different short films, each proposing a future civilization before and after the earth undergoes substantial ecological changes. The sculptures show technological artefacts subject to these changes.

Like Daniel Arsham, the artist JR relies on impressive installations and expands them into public places of interest. After finding a camera in the Paris subway in 2001, he travelled and explored Europe. With works such as "Portrait of a Generation" (2006), "Women Are Heroes" (2008) or "The Wrinkles of the City" (2008), he addresses ethical, socio-cultural, as well as psychographic changes in various societies. In 2006 he created the series "Portrait of a Generation", portraits of suburban "thugs", which he published in large formats in the bourgeois districts of Paris. With the project "Women Are Heroes" he created a tribute to women in 2008. He thematizes the role and history of women in different parts of the world. In the course of this, he created the project "The Wrinkles of the City", which took him to Cartagena (Spain), Shanghai, Los Angeles, Havana, Berlin and Istanbul. He portrays the transformation of neighborhoods and cities through the wrinkles of old people. His most recent projects include a museum exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, a permanent collaboration with Brazilian artists Os Gemeos at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and a film in collaboration with Agnès Varda.

Our inventory also includes works by urban art icons such as D*Face, Ben Eine, Conor Harrington, Anders Gjennestad, Cleon Peterson, Slinkachu and Nick Walker. They process and portray socio-cultural problems and tensions, comment on and stimulate political debates, interpret geopolitical discussions or visually express opinions. The art originally created in public space thus becomes mobile and finds its place in international collections. The chaotic and violent paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson, for example, depicts contrasting figures symbolizing a struggle between power and subjugation in the vacillating architecture of contemporary society. The work of the Irish painter Conor Harrington, who portrays combatants sfumatically with the subject of struggle, also shows parallels to this.

PRINTS AND PIECES thus attempts to represent the diversity of Street and Urban Art in a contemporary way.